Christoph Sonnen

Christoph Sonnen, leAD Sports Co-Founder, CEO and ADvantage Sports Tech Fund Partner, is an entrepreneur and venture capital expert with a passion for early-stage startups and sports. In the last twenty years, he has founded, managed and sold several businesses, structured funds and innovation projects in the sports and entertainment industry. Christoph lives in the Bahamas, where the idea of leAD has its origins. Together with his long-time partners, the Adi Dassler Family Office, Christoph co-founded leAD, a global powerhouse for sports tech
entrepreneurship and investments. leAD is inspired by the grandchildren of Adi Dassler to further sports innovation and is composed of three elements: the leAD Sports Accelerator, the leAD Business Builder, and the ADvantage Sports Tech Fund. As leAD’s CEO and Advantage’s Partner, Christoph has managed to combine his passion for sports and early-stage startups while shaping the future of sports.

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